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The creative brief asked to inspire people to keep an open mind, feel confident and be fully fitted for any occasion, any day, any time. Gathered insights on the business problem and curated strategic ideas and video mock-ups of execution. The solution was to use the creative content to address problems related to low purchases as well as improve brand awareness for the NPG brand.

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The ask was to create a variety of material to address the business issue of brand perception. I created social media posters and videos with precise wording tailored to the target demographic. The use of these newer media outlets appealed to the younger population, according to the findings.

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My goal with this creative brief was to highlight Reebok's dedication to usability, comfort, and style. To begin, I used a combination of digital and traditional media to generate social assets that would engage with a typical dad or uncle, considering our intended audience is between the ages of 35 and 50. Click for full version

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