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Cooking is Art

To me, food is life. I will cook and serve through life if I have the strength. Creativity in cooking is the presentation of food in its simplest form, ensuring great taste and garnishing properly. Cleanliness in cooking is also creative work. Upgraded correspondence among mind and tongue, I accept is an absolute necessity for great cooking and eating. Cooking with love is my passion. It helps me keep busy and connects me to the best of people. I enjoy cooking as a delicate art and the intricacies attached to ensuring the result comes out looking colorful, the texture perfect and the taste impeccable.

Generally, cooking is therapeutic for me and it's an effective form of art that encourages creativity and borders along the lines of using peppers as colors and spices as pencils. The culinary arts are a precise and very delicate form of art. It involves planning, creating recipes, adding together different forms of colors, and ensuring that all of these are well presented on a plane canvas i.e. plate. The timeliness in ensuring that nothing is over or undercooked, just perfect and tender to touch, the music of chopping onions, and the dance of stirring make every day just a little better.

Just like painting, poetry, or writing a song, cooking is a form of art. Think about it. Similar to how there are limited numbers of colors, notes, or words to choose from, you will only find so many flavors in the kitchen. How you choose to combine these flavors and techniques is what makes your dishes uniquely you. Cooking is subjective. This means that it requires a bit of creativity to be able to pull it off successfully. Every great chef knows that the plates that leave the kitchen bear their signature behind them. Great and innovative dishes are the key to upholding your reputation and integrity as a chef.

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